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Access Our Data Store of Enhanced Listing Content

SinglePlatform provides menu content and business information to the leading search engines, social media, travel, navigation, & review sites to ensure accuracy across all platforms.

The business content we provide is verified and updated by the local business owners themselves, which ensures you’re receiving accurate, up-to-date information.

Utilize the actionable insights that our verified data provides to improve your business’ knowledge of the industry.

Take advantage of our API to access and leverage the power of our menu data today.

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Provide Action to Consumers Through Our Network

SinglePlatform API (SingleAPI) connects businesses with social networks, search engines, online delivery, coupon, gift card, and loyalty services.

We help small businesses maximize their online reach by providing action buttons meant for efficient customer conversion.

Simply put, SingleAPI makes it easy to turn online discovery into action.

What’s in it for you? Well, SinglePlatform’s owner-verified menus yield 73% more online orders and 76% higher order value.

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Reseller or Strategic Partnerships

SinglePlatform, as a strategic partner, can help your business provide a comprehensive online presence management solution or bolster your existing offerings.

We help your clients stand out everywhere that matters online by getting their menus and business information across top sites and apps.

Plus, SinglePlatform puts you in a position to succeed with targeted marketing materials and experienced account managers.

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