Let SinglePlatform Promote Your Restaurant To Increase Sales,
So You Can Focus On Running Your Restaurant

Did you know the most cost effective way to promote and market your restaurant is SinglePlatform?

We publish your restaurant and menu on 100s of online sites and apps people are searching to find your restaurants.

With SinglePlatform your restaurant is more visible, reaches and attracts more customers and increases sales while spending less time and money on marketing.

Why Do I Need A Listing Service?

By listing your restaurant on 100s of sites, you'll be seen by more potential customers and increase sales

93% of customers will find your business and read about it online before ever stepping foot in your business.

And how do they find you?

By searching 100s of sites and apps, like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Apple Maps and Waze.

Imagine trying to update even 20 or 30 sites every time you make a change to the menu or hours at your business. Daunting, right?

With SinglePlatform, you don't need to. We handle your updates and get them everywhere they needs to be.

That's not the best part thought. Businesses using SinglePlatform are increasing sales by as much as 440%.


"Since using SinglePlatform, I have gone from 100 view to 1,000 views, to 5,000 views, to my best month, which was 10,000 views. It's the best marketing decision I've made for my restaurant."
Adam D.
Owner | Mr. Tequila

How Does It Work?

SinglePlatform will manage your restaurant listing and menu, distribute it to 100s of sites and apps and audit it daily to ensure everything is up to date and accurate.

Send SinglePlatform your restaurant and menu updates

Send Us Your Updates

Send your menu and restaurant updates any way you choose (text, phone, email, fax, smoke signal).
We'll make updates to your restaurant listing and menu through our portal

We Do All The Work

We'll apply the updates to your listing, menu and hours of operation to our portal.
After finishing the updates, our listing gnomes press the big blue button and distribute your restaurant information

Then We Set It Free

Our system distributes your updates through our network of publishers that ensure maximum visibility.

"I can’t tell you how valuable SinglePlatform has been. I don’t know how other businesses would be able to keep accurate information up online."
Owner | 3rd Coast Cafe


But We're More Than Just Listings, We're Restaurant Marketing

Listing is only part of what we offer. On SinglePlatform, you can also manage your review monitoring and social media, plus check out your menu's online performance. SinglePlatform is here to help you save both time and money with your restaurant marketing!

Menu Analytics

Menu Analytics

See where your menu is being viewed, how often and by new or repeat customers.
Social Media Management

Social Media

Schedule and post specials, promotions, events and eye-catching pictures to your social media.
Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring

See and respond to reviews, and see how your restaurant is performing.