A newfound business strategy

SinglePlatform steps in

The need to jumpstart business all began with a declining economy and lack of resources to attract new clients online; Bertha’s former business partner was going to shut the gym down. Determined to keep The Perfect Circle’s doors open, Bertha bought the studio from her partner and essentially “restarted the business.”

Signing up with SinglePlatform was imperative to getting The Perfect Circle the online attention it needed. In the last year, 96% of online menu views have come from new customers.


A seamless social media experience

“Prior to SinglePlatform, I did our social media all by myself, unable to understand why customers weren’t able to find me,” Bertha explains. “After speaking with SinglePlatform, I realized what I needed to do online, but that I didn’t have the time to do it. SinglePlatform took care of everything for me.”