Finding peace of mind with SinglePlatform

Consistent and efficient

With a menu that changes daily, Janet Thomas was overwhelmed with trying to update her restaurant’s information on all of the apps and sites that her customers are using.  Before SinglePlatform, she says, “I used to update everything by hand, but now it would be impossible for me to know all the places where my menu pops up. Without SinglePlatform, it would be impossible for me to keep up.”

3rd Coast Cafe's Challenges

Lack of consistency between various listings online

Not enough time to update the daily menu everywhere on the web

Unsure how to most efficiently manage her restaurant's online presence

Unable to keep up with new sites and apps


Nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast of Chicago, 3rd Coast Cafe has been serving fresh-to-order meals to locals for over 30 years, cementing its status as a neighborhood institution. 

Why SinglePlatform?

 “Our biggest reason was making sure that our menu and information is out there consistently. I can’t tell you how valuable it has been. I don’t know how other businesses would be able to do it and keep accurate information up. ”

—Janet Thomas, Owner—3rd Coast Cafe, Chicago


Saving time with SinglePlatform

Prior to SinglePlatform, Janet would field calls about her menu all day long. “I can’t tell you how much time I spent on the phone just handling, ‘What are your dinner specials?’ she explains. But now that she is confident that her information is accurate and up-to-date, she can focus her time on other aspects of her business.

“Our soups are posted with the dinner specials; it’s live and in real time. SinglePlatform saves me endless amounts of time.”


Helping local business thrive

“I have said and I would continue to say: The small investment for the pay back we get is so valuable. We keep our brand and our information consistent and up-to-date. I couldn’t run the business I have today without SinglePlatform.”

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