Using SinglePlatform for year-round success

What makes Amicas special?

Amicas Pizza & Microbrewery is home to locals and welcomes those away from home. They are family-friendly and offer gluten-free and vegan options. Their food is prepared in a scratch kitchen serving the freshest salads, paninis, wood-fired oven pizzas and award-winning microbrews - what could be better?

Amicas challenges

A busy staff, with no time to improve their online presence

Weekly specials that weren't being updated online to draw traffic

Inability to access & update sites and apps like Google and Yelp

Drops in business during the off-season each year


Amicas has a great website, and a strong local following. Being in the tourist-destination of Salida, Colorado, however, they needed to reach farther than their loyal locals.

Why SinglePlatform?

"Because one of our failings is technology," owner Kathie Younghans laughs. "We had all these good intentions of getting things posted and out there, and even when I tried tempting employees with payment, it wasn't getting done. When you're running a restaurant, you're busy!"

Kathie Younghans, owner–Amicas Pizza & Microbrewery


SinglePlatform's solutions

Getting discovered by new customers

Kathie's primary goal when signing up for SinglePlatform was to "get more presence." They had a line out the door in the summer, but wanted consistency. "You guys have really helped our year-round business," Kathie says.

Since signing up with SinglePlatform, Amicas' menu has been viewed over 14,700 times from their online listings. 90% of these views are from new visitors. In addition to their strong website, investing in their presence across the web has helped bring in more business throughout the year.


Why does Kathie invest in Amicas' online presence?

Because it's the way of the world," she says. Mobile apps, travel websites and online listings are how local & traveling consumers make purchase decisions. Kathie recognizes, 'It's where people are doing things now.'"

Kathie Younghans, owner–Amicas Pizza & Microbrewery

Amicas' online listings powered by SinglePlatform

Here are a few of Amicas' menus powered by SinglePlatform: