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After years of experience in the fitness industry, Bella Barak wanted to start her own program centered on women and aimed at promoting both results and self-confidence. With an ever-growing customer base, Bella needed an efficient way to get class schedules, hours, and announcements out across the web.

Bella Body Fitness' Challenges

Clients lacked easy access to class schedules

Difficulty maintaining all social media accounts

Inability to update listing sites and apps such as Google and Yelp

Busy schedule with limited time to improve online presence



Bella Body Fitness takes a feminine approach to fitness. With the studio’s personalized environment and focus on creating healthy curves, it attracts many brides-to-be and body-conscious women. However, Bella needed a better way to keep her customers up to date on class times.

Why SinglePlatform?

“I wanted all of my online listings like Yelp, Twitter, and other sites to sync so that I didn’t have to individually put in information every single time I updated something.”

Bella Barak, owner–Bella Body Fitness


Getting discovered by new customers

Expanding reach with SinglePlatform

One of Bella’s main goals was for all of her social media to sync so that she could keep her present customers updated and drive more traffic through the door. Joining SinglePlatform was crucial in being discovered by potential customers.

Since joining SInglePlatform in October of 2014, their online class schedules have been viewed nearly 1,000 times, and 95% of viewers have never visited before.


Why does Bella Body Fitness invest in online presence?

Everything is online, "Bella explains, “It is the first place people go to look, which is why it’s really important to have accurate information.”

Bella Barak, ownerBella Body Fitness

Bella Body Fitness' listings

Here are a few of Bella Body's schedules powered by SinglePlatform:

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