Cultivating a new clientele with SinglePlatform

In an age of casual Fridays, dry cleaners need to adapt. John Leano, the head of outside sales and marketing at Bryan’s Cleaners and Laundry, explains, “We found that a lot of our clientele are baby boomers whose parents and grandparents used us in the past. The dry cleaning customer now is different than it was 40-50 years ago.  People don’t look in the phone book anymore for a dry cleaner. They go online.” 

Bryan's Cleaners and Laundry's Challenges

A website without mobile capability limited their online reach

Lack of time to manage their web presence

Need for a new marketing strategy to reach a new generation

Customers lacked access to online menus and services on review sites and apps


Founded in 1938, Bryan’s Cleaners and Laundry has become a staple in the west San Diego Valley. Now in its third generation of ownership, this successful family business has a strong reputation in their community.

Why SinglePlatform?

 “Originally we were intrigued by the free mobile website optimization. When we started to dig deeper and understand the features, it just made sense. SinglePlatform could help us expand our reach. ”

John Leano, Marketing, Bryan’s Cleaners and Laundry


SinglePlatform and the dry cleaning industry

When John first heard about SinglePlatform he was hesitant, but eventually he decided to make the investment. He explains, “We thought it was something that only restaurants could benefit from, but I realized that the dry cleaning industry can benefit from SinglePlatform as well. We obviously have a different product than restaurants, but one thing we do have in common is that we try to generate repeat business.”

Now, John enjoys the convenience that SinglePlatform provides. “It’s automatic. It updates all the search sites. We don’t have to think about it.”


Expanding your reach with SinglePlatform

“The phonebook is a dinosaur. People are using Yelp and Google. We’re trying to cultivate a new clientele.  There are people who don’t realize that they need our services. We have to find creative ways to reach out and create the need for what we provide.” 

—John Leano, Marketing, Bryan’s Cleaners and Laundry

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