Achieving accessibility with SinglePlatform

Managing listings across the web

With almost a decade of experience in the grooming industry, Jackie Viola, owner of  Furry N’ Fabulous, ensures a customized grooming experience for pets of all kinds.

Offering a wide variety of services, ranging from hot oil treatments to traditional grooming, Furry N’ Fabulous emphasizes comfort and quality, assuring all customers that they will “treat every pet as their own.”

Furry N' Fabulous' Challenges

Customers lacked access to online menus and services

Difficulty creating and updating social media accounts on all platforms

Inexperience with technology created hassle and inconvenience

Struggle to manage a busy schedule and an online presence



Located in Sayreville, New Jersey, Furry n’ Fabulous offers a wide variety of services, ranging from hot oil treatments to traditional grooming.

Why SinglePlatform?

“My lack of experience with technology made establishing an online presence even more of a challenge. I needed a way to set Furry N’ Fabulous apart from other groomers in the area, and having an online presence would help me do that.”

—  Jackie, owner–Furry N' Fabulous

Success with SinglePlatform

Reaching her customers in every state

Signing up with SinglePlatform was crucial to getting Furry N’ Fabulous off the ground. Since joining in April of 2014, Furry N’ Fabulous has been discovered by customers across the East; from Hempstead, Long Island, to Danbury, Connecticut, to White Plains, New York, Furry N’ Fabulous has attracted customers online in multiple states.


Acquiring new customers 

When asked what was most surprising about joining SinglePlatform, Jackie noted that she “didn’t even realize how many websites Furry N’ Fabulous is published on,” and that it’s “great for the business to have this much exposure online.”

— Jackie, owner–Furry N' Fabulous

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