Finding success with SinglePlatform and OpenTable

Improving efficiency and expanding

Managing a company comprised of restaurants with different menus at each location, the task of updating information across the web was time-consuming. “Whenever our menu changed at one of our locations, we had to go through and update the individual accounts for each restaurant to provide customers with accurate menus,” explains Monica Thompson, a Lasco Enterprise owner.

Lasco's challenges

Struggle to manage multiple menus across the web


Prone to making errors when updating multiple menus online

Lack of time to update menus for each restaurant on the web

Lacking consistency between menus on OpenTable and menus in restaurants


Owning over 14 restaurants in three different states, Lasco Enterprises has been serving a variety of menu options to the public for over 12 years.

Why SinglePlatform?

As Lasco was expanding to accommodate more restaurant locations, we needed a solution that would provide customers with accurate menu content, but also create time to focus on growing the enterprise. An accurate menu online cannot be sacrificed in order to save time, and we rely on SinglePlatform to take care of that for us.”

— Monica Thompson, location owner–Lasco Enterprises


SinglePlatform and OpenTable

A customer satisfaction guarantee

With easy accessibility to Lasco’s accounts on the other sites, Monica explains that the new partnership between SinglePlatform and OpenTable provides “increased efficiency and peace of mind; I’m able to update our menu content across all sites, while also knowing that customers are getting consistent, accurate information about our menus.”

“Without an accurate menu online, customers may come in having one dish in mind, only to find out that it’s not in season or that the restaurant doesn’t serve it anymore,” explains Monica. “The partnership prevents customers who make reservations on OpenTable from having that experience.”


Aiming to please with the partnership

"The recent partnership makes me an even bigger fan of SinglePlatform and OpenTable, because it means even greater efficiency and potential for all of Lasco's restaurants.” 

— Monica Thompson, location owner–Lasco Enterprises

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