Finding success with SinglePlatform and OpenTable

Error-free and efficient

With multiple locations to manage, Cori Williams, a member of Newport Harbor Group's digital team, explains, “we have so many menus displayed online, so individually updating each one on every listing site was not only time-consuming, but also left a lot of room for error.”

Newport Harbor's challenges

Difficulty updating frequently-changing menus online

Inability to ensure menus were consistent everywhere they were listed

No easy way to keep the brand consistent across the web

Not enough time to update all menus as needed


Managing over 15 restaurants in the Northeastern region of the United States, the Newport Harbor Group has been serving a variety of dishes to the public for over 35 years.

Why SinglePlatform?

“Because we needed a solution that would provide us the accuracy we need while saving us time. With SinglePlatform, managing each of our restaurants' individual brands and keeping our menus consistent across the web is effortless.” 

— Cori Williams, digital team lead–Newport Harbor Group


SinglePlatform and OpenTable

Streamlining menus with ease

Equipped with a consistent way to update their menus on other listing sites, Cori explains that the recent partnership between OpenTable and SinglePlatform will “increase reservations” and “create even more efficiency because all of our menus will be streamlined and consistent on every site our customers are viewing us.”


With 480,000 restaurant reviews and 16 million diners seated each month through OpenTable, the accuracy and consistency of their menus on the site is imperative to Newport Harbor Group's success with customer satisfaction.


Attracting new customers with the partnership

“The partnership benefits Newport Harbor Group by guaranteeing convenience for our employees and customers, ensuring that everyone is satisfied. The partnership ultimately attracts new customers to our restaurants while also creating loyal ones.”

— Cori Williams, digital marketing team—Newport Harbor Group

Newport Harbor Group's online listings powered by SinglePlatform

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