Updating clients' menus online

“Our clients ask us questions all the time about how to manage their menus online,” Sorenson says. "SinglePlatform solves this problem for our clients who need their menus accurately updated across the web."

Social High Rise's challenges

Clients' information was incorrect on sites across the web

Updating clients' menus on social media is time consuming


Need to create a more diversified service offering


Inability to update clients' menus everywhere online


Social media has grown from simply connecting friends and family to connecting consumer to local restaurants & businesses online. Mark Sorenson, CEO & founder of Social High Rise, discovered most restaurateurs don't have the time or expertise to effectively maintain their online profiles. He and his team came up with a social media management solution to help restaurants extend customer service and build online relationships with their customers outside the restaurant.

Why SinglePlatform?

"We realized SinglePlatform totally complemented what we do, so we decided to partner with them to take care of updating our clients' menus across the web. This has been one of the easiest ways we've been able to offer a more robust and valuable social media management service to our clients."

—Mark Sorenson, Founder and CEO of Social High Rise


SinglePlatform and Social High Rise


Sorenson and his team noticed many of their clients would frequently send them menus that needed to be updated online, so they began asking how often menu changes were needed. Social High Rise almost always found other sites listing their clients’ information incorrectly, especially for those whose menus or services changed more frequently

SinglePlatform works with top sites and apps to solve that problem. A business’s online listings—along with their own website and Facebook page—can be controlled and updated instantly with one click, keeping information accurate and consistent. 


Peace of mind through the partnership


“It can be very frustrating for our clients when their customers show up and try to order something that's not on the menu or demand pricing that’s five years old because they saw it posted somewhere on the internet,” says Sorenson. “SinglePlatform gives our clients the peace of mind that their menu information is always updated and accurate.”

Social High Rise's client, 5th Street Steakhouse, has online listings powered by SinglePlatform

Check out where Social High Rise’s clients’ information is kept up to date across SinglePlatform’s publisher network:

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