Improve Your Menu, Improve Your Profits

A menu is a menu, right?  Just put options on the menu and everyone will order your best items, right?  Well, simply and politely put, no.  There is an art, science, and psychology behind your menu - the fonts, colors, spacing, highlighting, order, grouping, texture, weight and placement.  Every aspect and characteristic of your menu has a direct impact on what the customer sees, craves, and ultimately orders.  


Place For Everything

Do you know the first location the customer's eyes go to on your menu?  And do you have your most profitable item sitting there waiting for them?


The Magnificent Menu

Are you a casual diner? An upscale trendy bistro? Your menu should reflect your restaurant, your brand, and your story. 



Fonts, letter case, spacing, boxes, and colors matter. Everything you do to your menu should have purpose and follow specific rules. 


The Liquid Playlist

70% of customers don't know what they want to drink before they sit down.  How are you guiding their choice on what to drink?