Want More Customers? You're In The Right Place.

As we mentioned in the webinar, 93% of hungry customers browse menus online before everd stepping foot inside your restaurant. And 50% of them aren’t even sure what they’re hungry for when they begin their search.

So, let SinglePlatform power your menu to all the important sites to restaurant's visibility.

SinglePlatform makes it easy to publish your inspiring menu and have more diners find your menu and bring them through your doors.

And for signing up for the webinar, we're offering a $50 discount to you!

How Does It Work?

There are two ways for SinglePlatform to take your menu and publish it everywhere it needs to boost visibility for hungry customers, Do It Yourself (DIY) and Do It For Me (DIFM)


Any time, day or night, you can plug into SinglePlatform to update your menu and restaurant information, click save and our platform sends your updates to 100s of sites for updates.


We offer white glove service, where we do all the work. Send us your menu by phone, text, email, fax, smoke screen, paper airplanes, it doesn't matter how, and we make the updates for you.

"Before SinglePlatform, I was getting only 100 menu views a month. Since using SinglePlatform, I have gone from 100 view to 1,000 views, to 5,000 views, to my best month, which was 10,000 menu views."
Adam D.
Owner | Mr. Tequila

Tools With You In Mind

We know time is money. Especially when you're running a restaurant. So we've built a suite of tools to help marketing your restaurant while saving time.

Your Menu's Going Places

Use SinglePlatform's analytics to gain great insights into which sites your menu is being viewed, how often, how many are new or repeaters

Let's Get Social

Schedule posts about specials, promotions, upcoming events, witty comments, eye-catching pictures - anything that highlights your restaurant.

Review Your Reviews

Know what people are saying about your restaurant and with our review intelligence, learn where your restaurant rocks and where you need to improve.